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Bosch - Leading the way in energy-efficient appliances
Household appliances: 75 years of Bosch experience

Tangible quality and perfect technology for an improved lifestyle: these are the benefit of many years of experience and characteristic of Bosch. From extractor hoods to ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines, Bosch offers a wide spectrum of reliable appliances to ease household chores. 
Dishwashers: perfect sensitive care
Bosch dishwashers provide perfect cleaning and improved hygiene based on their heat exchanger system,  glass protection technology and many useful technical features

Washing machines and tumble dryers
Bosch provides a wide range of washing machines and tumble dryers that satisfy all your needs, including skin protection systems , special care for woolens as well as special washer dryer solutions.

Refrigerators and freezers: amazingly versatile
With modern kitchen technology and our wide range of appliances, you can create the ideal environment for any kind of food. Bosch freezers also allow you to store food exactly according to your individual cooking habits and lifestyle.

Ovens, cookers , microwaves and hobs
Whether you are looking for a hob, freestanding cooker, microwave or built-in oven, Bosch has the right appliance for each cooking style – not to mention Bosch quality and a first class performance.

Extractor hoods: effective and quiet
If things tend to get steamy in your kitchen, you need look no further than Bosch. Our high-performance cooker hoods reliably extract cooking odours and grease that would otherwise settle in your kitchen.

Kitchen machines: powerful and stylish
Bosch kitchen machines are designed for people who, besides a powerful per-formance, are also looking for a stylish focal point in their kitchen. Bosch assures premium quality and outstanding workmanship in every single detail.

Small appliances: lots of handy everyday helpers
Regardless of whether you are looking for a coffee maker, blender rod, hair dryer or a set of scales, opting for Bosch will always assure you of a high quality product that will make life a lot easier.

Floor care: rugged and high quality
Bosch vacuum cleaners satisfy the highest standards both in terms of practicality and style. Bosch combines premium components to achieve peak environment-friendly performances and the purest of air.

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